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The hotel is owned and managed by the Norton family - Chris, Nicola and our 2 daughters, Kelly and Gemma, with help from our great multi-national team. In what seems a lifetime ago, we left London and the corporate world behind when we found La Villa. Somehow, with no experience of restoring old buildings or the hospitality industry, nor being able to say anything in Italian beyond ‘grazie’, we felt compelled to buy a seventeenth century wreck and bring it back to life - and we were only looking for a small holiday home within easy reach of our base in the UK! Six months into our new life, and with a whole bunch of new DIY skills under our belt, we realized why no-one else, including the locals, had wanted to touch the place for more than 15 years. It was an enormous project and has taken us on the most amazing journey, with many highs and lows.

From the outset, our aim was to create a place where we would want to stay; that didn’t just look beautiful, but was filled full of warmth and laughter, as the locals told us the house once was. So, since we opened in August 2005, we have loved being able to share this place with so many people, many of whom are now also friends and who return year after year - and often more frequently! We also love that La Villa is once again a living part of the local community.

Running a small independent hotel is for us, a real family affair. Our kids, who were only 11 and 8 years of age when we made the decision to move and who knew even less Italian than us, have supported us every step of the way. They are as much a part of the place as we are. And their Italian is infinitely better.

We are also very lucky to have a great team around us. They have also made their lives, with their families, in Italy. From Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia and beyond they all help to make La Villa the experience that it is.

Tel: +39 0141 793 890 or +39 347 281 8843