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Piedmont is famous for its white truffle, which can command a price much higher than gold. The truffle seeason runs from mid-September until late December (although the best truffles - and often the cheapest, are usually late October and early November). Throughout these months, there are local truffle fairs every weekend and the famous Alba Truffle Fair runs from mid-September to early November.

We work with our own truffle hunter, Mario, and his wonderful dog, Rex. In the past three years, they have been featured in several TV programmes, have appeared in many newspapers and magazines and have even been mentioned on the Letterman Show! You can also see him on this Luxury Channel film, which covers the Alba truffle fair, a truffle hunt and then preparing a truffle brunch.

We arrange a number of truffle events. The main event is the truffle hunt, which lasts around 90 minutes and takes place about 5 minutes from La Villa, on our own private land. This ensures that there is a good possibility of success when you go out with Mario. For a special treat, we can arrange a truffle brunch (prepared by Mario) once you return with your truffle. Think truffle and gorgonzola toast; scrambled eggs with truffle - perhaps even perhaps, oeufs en cote with truffle. Or, if you can hold out, there is always the option to shave the truffle onto your dinner.

Tel: +39 0141 793 890 or +39 347 281 8843